Server Token

When I try to create a token at and sign in with steam I just get a 403 error.

just tried that link and it works fine for me

You actually signed in with steam and got a token? The error message is after you click on the “sign in through steam” button and are logged in.
Tried different browsers. I always get the same error

yeah I clicked on the link then click on sign in with steam and hey presto i was in

It seems I’m doing something wrong then. The steam sign in works but then I get redirected to this 403 page.

Do I need to own the game in Steam? I only have the (german) non-steam retail version

No, I have disc version not Steam and everything works fine

Thanks for the feedback. I tried some more things and figured out it happened because my browser blocked 3rd party cookies.
Finally got my token!

Nice one
Glad you sorted it :+1: