Servers with real players should be prioritized when sorting by player count

when sorting servers by player count most of the servers towards the top of the list are just filled with bots. I think that servers with real players should appear above these to help populate legit servers


Agreed, or at least have an option to filter them out. I never understood the 0 (20) (24) notation anyway. I presume it means 20 bots and 0 players out of 24 slots?


I also agree, the server browser is a mess with these bot servers. In my opinion it should be ranked primarily on the number of real players. (server with 10 real players shows up above server with 2 real players and 20 bots). This is so confusing to look at when I am just trying to find a server with no bots.

yes it is very silly. Bots should be ignored when ordering the server list by player count. Look at these servers with less players above the one with 38. This also badly hurts smaller servers that are way down the list due to these servers that always run bots to inflate their player count and appear further up the list. And yes I understand some are zombie servers but they should not appear at the top of the list by default.

I guess one of the most beneficial things you could change is this. I have been saying it for a long time.

Bump, can a developer look into this?

Bump, don’t forget about this issue!

I think it’s easier to create 1 function in filter servers. Example:
Show servers: with bots / without bots

The issue is that it counts the bots as real players. Servers are using bots to push their servers to the top of the list when there’s servers with more real players on them that are below them for some reason. Simply don’t count bots in the playercount and it would be soo much better. Another example of this…

Hello I also agree with this

agreed, the server browser has to be fixed