Hello everyone, here I am again to explain the following case, I hope you can help me and guide what possible solution I can take on the server.

This user was banned multiple times, but always managed to log in. I don’t know how, the only thing I realize is that he used something to change his guid. but it does not have its steamid that starts with 7656. Could it be required to have it? oh what was I doing wrong.

STALKER ^4left this server from slot 19 with playerid 2310346617418806571

STALKER ^4left this server from slot 19 with playerid 2310346613286826506

STALKER ^4left this server from slot 19 with playerid 2310346616415558352

STALKER ^4left this server from slot 19 with playerid 2310346615741265576

@MAD_DAD hello friend, a question, there is a possibility that I execute something wrong

hi, while asking for help. I enter several more times

\netadr\\create\1692247298\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346613250775827
\netadr\\create\1692247360\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346614672112174
\netadr\\create\1692247409\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616775956559
\netadr\\create\1692247463\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616692314577
\netadr\\create\1692247643\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616015558781
\netadr\\create\1692247701\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616002113437
\netadr\\create\1692247754\exp-1\rsn\The admin has given no reason\nick\STALKER\asteamid\0\playerid\2310346617391452832\

You are not doing anything wrong, unfortunately he is using a key generator. As he uses the same IP address you need to block that somehow or just keep going down the line of banning each guid he uses which could be a lot.

Hello friend, thanks for answering. You can block the ip range, and additionally block your name.
And as for the other number code that starts with 7656. Can something be placed on the server as a requirement if the player doesn’t have it… I think that code is from Steam or not?

yes that is the steam id but unrelated to ban info

Also not all players use steam, I have retail disk version and wouldn’t be happy if I had to buy the game on steam just to play a certain server.

Bit like plutonium is doing at the moment with steam verification checks. You wouldn’t be able to do that anyway

Does your hosting company not provide a way to block IP addresses, check in the server control panel like TCAdmin or the like.

Use iw4xadmin system

Cheaters cannot be unban with iw4xadmin

He is using hosted server… IW4MAdmin is suited for local servers or if you can get the server logs to be public so that IW4MAdmin can connect to it.

He has been down this route before but with no success

I read in the past that you use B3. You can activate the ipbans plugin for B3.

Hi, are you referring to this?

Hello, you know what I noticed, that your connection ping is always 220 or 250. Is there a script I can use to prohibit a user who exceeds the ping of 200 from being kicked from the server, since most of you have less 150 ping

@MAD_DAD Hello friend, do you think this can be done?

you want to kick players with pings of over 200 but you want to be able to also stop certain players from being kicked when they have a ping of over 200?

Thats what it is you seem to be saying.

There is one problem with ping restrictions.

Nobody has a constant ping. A player with a ping of around 80 - 100 can suddenly jump to 250 and back again due to certain network / PC conditions.

For me ping restriction is not a thing I would implement due to the unstable nature.

I suppose what you ask can be done as you don’t have the ping kicker acting on selected players you either name or use their guid in the script to omit them.

Also you have gone off your existing topic… you should have created another rather than hijack your own thread with unreated request as this is where topics can get messy.

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Thanks friend, I tell you good news. I changed my host server provider and was able to implement IW4ADMIN. and it has helped me a lot. but I don’t know much how to handle it. I don’t know how to activate the help to detect cheaters. You know where I can learn more about this. I have entered discord requesting help. but I haven’t had much so far

IW4MAdmin is not an anticheat. It does have a little anticheat system for IW4x but not Cod4x.

There is no anticheat apart from a keen eye by a server admin and screenshot checks still work to a degree but they cause player lag.

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