Slow connection / server disconnected

hello friends. I’m glad to be back.
I have a question, some players who have a slow connection are expelled by the server. But they do tell me that they can enter other servers.
What parameter in the CFG would I have to modify so that the server allows slow connections?


Hello, I hope you are well. Could you by any chance help me?

I am also facing this on some servers, can anyone help ?

How much ping do you have in that server?? Also its client side that boots you for the slow joining. Not the server owners.

When you say slow connection, I take it you mean they have a high ping.

If so check sv_maxPing

If it is not set to 0 then:

set sv_maxPing “0”

Hello Mad_dad. a pleasure to hear from you.
Look, this is how I had it.

set sv_minping “0”
set sv_maxping “800”

So you recommend that I leave them like this

set sv_minping “0”
set sv_maxping “0”

The server is hosted in Miami. I am from Chile and my ping is 170 and I have no connection problems.
but some players from Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. They tell me that their internet is not fiber optic and is very slow. When they can enter their ping is 170 on average. but it goes up to 999, it is not always.
The other thing is that I have seen some players who manage to enter, the server recognizes them and expels them immediately and sends them an image saying server disconnected

Yes if you want players in your server with high pings then set it as I have shown. The only downside is the game play will be affected as these players will lag and be a bit harder to kill.