Team spek

hello everyone and hello MAD, here again “I already look like your adopted son”
look I want to put the teamspeak and I have some doubts

These are all the configuration that will be done in .cfg

set sv_voice “1”
set sv_voiceQuality “1”
set voice_deadChat “0”
set voice_global “0”
set voice_localEcho “0”
set winvoice_mic_mute “0”

And how does it have to stay for it to be enabled?

another question, it can only be enabled for some users.

something like that only those who always play or those who are from the clan?

thanks for your loyal help as always

To be honest I always have in-game voice disabled.
I personally think there are far better alternative you could use like a teamspeak server or discord. That way the voice chat is optional rather than enabled for all.

That’s right, the server I rent has the option of renting teamspeak 3. So I hired him to get to know him.

but they only sell it but do not support it. So I don’t know how to use it

You will have to search for “how to set up Teamspeak server” in google or whatever you use

or check their website:

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