Teambalancer new experience

hello. Does the new experience bring a built-in self-balance?

can it be disabled?

@MAD_DAD There is the possibility of deactivating it if it comes with it.

because the request happens that an additional .gsx was added that performs the autobalancing of the players and apparently it could have conflicts with the original

The only dvars in NE that have a bearing on team balance are:

set force_autoassign “0” // Force players to always autoassign to keep teams balanced ( 1-enable ; 0-disable )

set vip_balance “0” // Can VIP be team balanced ( 1-yes ; 0-no )

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There is then the possibility that the conflict is because I have the bots as VIPs. I will remove them from VIP and verify

Nah it just doesn’t work great if you ad botwarfare to NE.

If for example u have 6 bots on each team. Player auto assigns and is put in a random team (as both teams are equal numbers).

Bot leaves to make room for the player. You now have two teams of 6 but one team has a player. Another player joins, you repeat the process but they can end up on the same team as the other guy, so you have two teams of equal numbers but one has more real players.

My simple solution is to delay to bots so that players even out the teams before the bots join

The way I use to get it to work is to turn autobalance off and have equal amount of bots that stay per team but then configure the _menu.gsx file to only allow players to chose autoassign. Even if they pick either of the teams it autoassign’s them.This will put the latest player onto the team with less players / bots in the team. This also stops players trying to switch teams midgame.

			case "allies":
				self [[level.autoassign]]();

				case "axis":
				self [[level.autoassign]]();

			case "autoassign":
				self [[level.autoassign]]();

			case "spectator":
			self [[level.spectator]]();
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I have only auto assign enabled on my servers. But turning auto balance off might be the solution for the bots that I have not tried. But wouldn’t this be a problem if people leave from a certain team, then the teams are unbalanced?

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Thats a good point. Either I had been lucky and nobody left midgame or I did indeed have autobalance on.
Can’t remember as my TDM servers ended up being Players against Bots.
Only host 1 CoD4 now and it is FFA due to player number dwindling

Now I concentrate on my CoD WaW T4M Servers as player numbers are high

I host:
5 CoD WaW - NOT Plutonium
(2 * FFA / 3 * TDM - All players against Bots)

1 IW4x

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could you please provide me with that additional team balancing script? I’m searching for it and cannot find it anywhere :neutral_face: