The servers of cod4 is not join

I always when I try to enter a cod4 server it always gives an error, how do I resolve these errors that never end?

Unzip in the root of your cod4 directory. Navigate to the install.cmd and run it

is saying access negative in the install.cmd

Then thats something on your PC thats stopping it

What would this business be that prevents?

Could be your antivirus.
You sure you extracted the zip in the same place as your iw3mp.exe game file?

i extracted yes. the windows defender is not leaving the install.cmd execute the multiplayer?

man, same the disabling the antivirus is not done for install for execute the install.cmd

llevo en eso un buen rato, el mismo error inlcuso haciendo lo que dijiste y mas, aun asi nada mas he logrado jugar una sola partida y contra una persona, que mas puedo hacer?

Don’t understand, please post in English. As you can see the other posts are in English