Unable to connect to my localhosted Cod4x Server

I am attempting to host a very straight foward Promod server from my local computer.
I have downloaded the latest Windows Cod4x Server release.
I took my main cod4 game directory, made a copy of it, put it in a new folder, then added the Cod4x server files on top.

I also set up the port forwarding and Windows firewall rules to allow :28960, and defined it in the shortcut properties for startup.

I cannot connect to my server despite launching it and the console says successful. I’ve tried joining with my IPv4, my public IP, and using ‘localhost’ in game.

Any ideas?

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for starters try another port as 28960 is cod4 main game port. try 28961.
I always have a different port for my servers than 28960

Dont forget to port forward your new port and report back

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I could KISS YOU.

Changing the port immediately fixed all issues.
I am forever indebted.

Bro how did you fix that? when you check your your port 28961 on https://portchecker.co/. does it says opened or closed? bro please reply.

Bro please reply to me. how did you figured out that your portforwarding worked fine?. When your server is online on console does it show red or green on master server?