Unable to launch CoD4x server with promod


I’m trying to host a dedicated cod4x server. I’ve downloaded all .iwd files as stated elsewhere on the forum (source; Index of /COD4/main). Note that i’m using box86 to start this instance on a ARM64 ubuntu server. The cod4 1.7 (cod4_lnxded) works perfectly fine (w/ punkbuster and pml220).

The server starts correctly, had to remove the steamapi.so/client files, because for some reason the server crashed when trying to start. When i try to connect, the server refuses my connection because of an impure client. When i start the server without any mods, however, the server does not refuse my connection.

Bad checksum -1098705141 Localization: 0
My name: jebiga My cp: cp @ L0 3585 359236348 2069418972 1352829191 314166644 -436970597 -1822331 1209640887 -1727757970 -737393522 -922769184 -264727624 -1098705141 -922032396 # code_post_gfx_mp -1345876608 localized_code_post_gfx_mp -1044701645 mod -434922033 common_mp 983712853 localized_common_mp 1091218866 mp_backlot_load -492597876 mp_backlot 21717969 1816845936
Player jebiga, 0 dropped: EXE_UNPURECLIENTDETECTED

Any idea on how to solve this?

Set sv_pure 0 in your server config

I have done so, however, the server refuses to start with sv_pure 0. I’ve set it to 0, both in server.cfg as in CLI argument

Never used promod. You have installed cod4x? As your post just mentions COD4 1.7.

If yes, it is the server version you installed and not the client


Works perfectly fine with these files!

So, actually got a working docker container that runs a cod4x server on ARM64 architecture!

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Wondering if somebody knows the answer;

I had to restart my VPS, and now it seems that the containers that I created (using Docker) are not starting anymore. I’m trying to debug it now, the following message pops up.

I recall doing something like creating a null route that was preventing access to the steam api.

QUERY LIMIT: Querylimiting is enabled
Master0: cod4master.cod4x.ovh
Resolving cod4master.cod4x.ovh
cod4master.cod4x.ovh resolved to
cod4master.cod4x.ovh resolved to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810
Master1: cod4master.ax-servers.hu
Resolving cod4master.ax-servers.hu
cod4master.ax-servers.hu resolved to
cod4master.ax-servers.hu resolved to [2a02:730:1220::187]:20810
---- Network shutdown ----
Closing IPv4 UDP socket: 8
Closing IPv6 UDP socket: 6
Closing IPv4 TCP socket: 9
Closing IPv6 TCP socket: 7

Sys_Error: [S_API FAIL] SteamGameServer_Init() failed; unable to load a local ./steamclient.so. Error is: Cannot dlopen("./steamclient.so"/0xf4883f2c, 2)