Unlock all weapons/classes on custom maps?

Hi there,

I recently created a new server with a custom map and immediately noticed that majority of the weapons/classes were gone. When disabling the custom map and playing the base game, the weapons/classes came back.

Why is this and can it be enabled? I’ve seen other servers online with custom maps that have all weapons/classes, so I assume it can be done?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

With you running custom maps you have turned your server into a mod server with a new stat file which is for the mod server only thats why when you switch back it uses your stock stats file again. Thats the reason why but as to enable all weapons/classes I don’t know.

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Place this in config or add to startup command:

set sv_showasranked "1"
set modstats "0"

MAD_DAD is correct about the new stats file. The settings above will tell the server that it should ignore the mod’s stats file. This will allow you to use your custom classes, but you will not gain XP.


Thank you both for the info! This solved it. Not too interested in XP, just as long as the main functionality is working I’m happy. Cheers