Unset tag name

Hello, I use Steam and I have my clan tag.
My clan tag appears in the scoreboard but in the killcams oh the welcome title always appears unset.

Do you know what this problem can cause?

@MAD_DAD Hello, friend… why can this happen… it always comes out unestablished.

Your server welcome message is set to display player name only using self.name.
The clan tag is a separate entity and not actually part of the name.

I don’t know how you would implement it in a self iprintlnbold line.
clan has options like
clan 0 (value = none)
clan 1 (value = LGC4)

Anyone else have an idea?

(you could always incorporate your clantag within your name eg [LGC4]WILLOW)

You can fix this in 2 ways. Ignore Steam and have gsx scripts handle the clantag (this is what I do) or edit the killcam and welcome code to account for the tags. Either way, you would need some experience with scripting. I don’t know whats scripts/mod you are running so I can’t currently assist. I’ll leave you with a little hint though.


name = self.name;
clanname = self getClanName();
    name = clanname + name;
iprintLnBold("Welcome " + name + " to the server!");

You can use the above method to edit your killcam script and welcome script.


out of interest what code would you use to set your clan tag to overide the steam setting

I code for B3 and gsx, so I use a file to save client data and use B3 to manipulate that data. But for practical purposes, if I wanted to use gsx script alone I would save a player guids either to a file like how botnames.txt is used, or exec a config. Config is easier. My config would be like:

set _clantag "[MAD]"

set clanmember1 "guid1"
set clanmember2 "guid2"

Then gsx script would read those guids and allow the player with those guids to use clantags. For you @MAD_DAD I wouldn’t mind designing a full script for you to meet your needs. PM me if you want that.