Want to connect with an admin for the COD4 TDM server

Need to speak with an admin for the COD4 TDM server

Not really enough info…

Your Cod4 TDM server?
Someone else Cod4 TDM Server?

COD4X-MOD don’t host servers so their site admin can not help with community servers.

Please explain a bit better so we can help you as needed

Cod4X not running servers makes more sense now. In the server description it was linking back to hear as the server owner. I was trying to get hold of an admin as I was randomly banned off of the COD4 TDM server for no reason with no explanation. I wanted to know what the ban was for

You will have to find a website or discord of server owner as no servers are owned by COD4X developers and the individual server owner will be the one who have banned you.
The ban reason usually is displayed on your screen once you are banned

Have a look in the server info to see if there is another website or email address - just looked no other info and on gametracker the server hasnt been claimed so no clan / owner details

Looks like you will just have to play on other server and forget about that one

Good morning,
I am the administrator of the servers COD4 TDM and COD4 server.
Yesterday you tried to join me on my COD4TDM server but I can’t speak English, I use google translation to write and understand.

Hi vlad,
To ban I use IPtables under linux.
Generally when I am certain that a player is cheating, I ban his IPV4 or IPv6 but as that is not enough I ban an IP range.
I am well aware that I ban IPs of players who do not cheat.
If you give me your IP and your nickname cod4 I could unban you.

Unbanned, thank you!