Weapon Model Change

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Seems like the new site is quiet. Let me pick some brains…

Is there a way to change how a weapon looks when equipped?
For example, I want to use giveWeapon("colt_mp") but I want to also take that weapon and do a SetModel("knife_mp") since I can’t have the knife show as current onhand, i would like a gun with no ammo look like a knife and set up the behavior from there. I am attempting to design a throwing knife.

I have tried to look for a way to grab the gun as an entity, but I can’t seem to figure out how to. Is it even possible?

there is a throwing knife script. But I’m not sure that it will fit

If you are talking about the Duffman script, then no that will not work. That script has giveWeapon("throwingknife_mp") which is not a standard weapon, therefore the player will get nothing. Besides, it looks that that script is incomplete… missing a lot of movement stuff.

these are their own scripts. they make a throwing knife out of an ordinary knife.

changing the standard knife

Do you have a link I can reference?

This gave me ideas…thank you very much!

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