Welcome on our new Forum!

Dear all.

As you guys probably know, our old host was not so great.
We were having a loads of issues with it, underpowered, and because of current situation even slower.

So I reached out my friend, who provided us a beefier machine, and I set up pretty much now complete. (Thanks ATW.hu again)
As you can see, this is a brand new software, much more 21. century like, modern, easier.

This is pretty much operational, might be small changes and little hick ups will occur in the next coming weeks, as we finishing and polishing everything in order.

The old forum will be archived, and @Fraggy will have a full backup of everything.

The old forum is available at: https://old.cod4x.ovh
It is read only for now, just to preserve old posts, eventually the important ones should be posted here.
This project is still BETA, pretty much testing a more powerful engine what we had, feel free to register and ask any questions in the relevant sections.

Any questions, let us know.