What are these separating lines and how do I get rid of them?

I installed CoD4X and I noticed these sharp lines on the ground that are not supposed to look like that they are supposed to be mixed or faded also I noticed TV’s and watermelons won’t get popped by guns and pretty much any prop won’t move from its place

Your config is corrupted. Backup and delete current one so that a new one can be made.

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All I remember doing before these lines appear in the Vanilla Legacy Mode was changing the Soften Smoke Edges then these lines appeared regardless if i am on CoD4X or Legacy Mode

Looks like a game bug, you tried to reinstall cod4?

I have seen this before. I already gave you the solution. I don’t remember the setting to fix the shadow blending off my head, but the one with the watermelon and TVs is “/set dynent_active 1”… this is 1 by default and shadow blending is on by default… the fact that it isn’t on says your config is corrupt… as I said before: back up and delete the config so you can make a new one.

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Your solution actually worked fine and now i can see the blend and TV screen breaks and objects on the ground move like before, thanks dude, I made two back ups in case if it happens again and I’m very sorry for the late reply :3