What's wrong with the S&D settings?

My config for S&D:
set scr_sd_bombtimer 45
set scr_sd_defusetime 7
set scr_sd_multibomb 0
set scr_sd_numlives 1
set scr_sd_planttime 5
set scr_sd_playerrespawndelay 0
set scr_sd_roundlimit 20
set scr_sd_roundswitch 10
set scr_sd_scorelimit 0
set scr_sd_timelimit 1.75
set scr_sd_waverespawndelay 0

I want there to be 20 rounds, and after 10 rounds there is a change of teams, and if one team scores 11 points, then the game is over. I also tried setting scr_sd_scorelimit to 11.

But with these settings, the change of teams occurs after 9 rounds

, and ends after 12 rounds

. I can’t understand the logic, help me. Sorry if this is off topic cod4x, but there are very few places left where I can still get help with this game)

not sure if this will help but my config has set before each scr in all games
set scr_sd_roundlimit 20
however I do not use s$d but I would try it anyway

Yes, I use set too. I’ve corrected my post to avoid confusion)

I also check all these settings in the console already on the production server. And they are exactly as I set them. But still, everything works as I wrote.

Ah, I checked this again and during the game the scr_sd_roundlimit parameter is reset to 12 and scr_sd_roundswitch to 9. I tried to find out why this was so, dug into the source code, and saw that these are the maximum possible values ​​for these parameters (see screenshot). Hmm, how can I get around these restrictions? I looked at all these settings in the promo, but I don’t understand how they bypass these restrictions)