Where I can find b3 for cod4x server?

I would like to add b3 into my cod4 server for easy use of admin commands.
I’ve got 2wh players on server today but it’s clear server without any plugin.

Have a good day!

I would recommend IW4MAdmin rather than B3…

B3 is quite indepth to set up especially for someone who can’t even find it.

IW4MAdmin Builds (raidmax.org)

Home · RaidMax/IW4M-Admin Wiki · GitHub

You can find IW4MAdmin on discord channel

How can I install it on Linux Server?

You would be best asking in the IW4MAdmin discord channel as this is a CoD4x Support forum

oh, okay!
Thanks m8.

The problem is that iw4madmin is not for cod4 because of the scripts designed to run it with b3 such as fps and other commands

I use IW4MAdmin with both my cod4x servers as well as my 2 codwaw and 2 iw4x servers and it works great. I create scripts in gsx for things I want so everything I need is covered. I used b3 for a long time but now replaced it and personally I find IW4MAdmin far easier to setup and use