Xp is not given to players

i’m trying to open a server. put bots and other stuff. but i don’t get any xp at the end of the game, no matter what. i don’t have any mods loaded on the server, only gsc scripts. what can i do?
edit: as a matter of fact, score is always stuck to 0 for every player on the server
edit 2: only things i installed on the server were final killcam and bot warfare

You can add “match score” function to you’re globallogic.gsc/gsx
do you have it?

i don’t have that file you are talking about, and i do not know where to find it
this was the long answer for “no”, since discourse tells me that i should use the heart button instead

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i need to know what affects this
also, i found _globallogic.gsc here CoD4-Default-GSC-Scripts/_globallogic.gsc at master · volkv/CoD4-Default-GSC-Scripts · GitHub
should i modify this?

It’s good to totally use Cod4x new Experience by Leiizko…

i don’t want to use it. but that is not important
what is important is that i don’t get any xp after matches. it shows how much i get after the game, but i don’t actually receive it
edit: reason i don’t want to use it is because it messes with a lot of things i don’t want changed, like how the map looks and the fov of the player. also the game end credits are annoying and the killcam design is weird imo
edit 2: i couldn’t edit the main post, but after overwriting the _globallogic.gsc file with the one previously posted by me fixed the score issue, but not the xp issue

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turns out that overwriting the _globallogic.gsc file did nothing. i will reinstall everything on the server to see if it does anything.
edit: it didn’t do anything

set sv_authorizemode “1”. that was it.

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Good to hear that :ok_hand::star2: