Bot warefare - custommaps

hello everyone. I am creating a cod4x server with bot warefare and custom maps.

but when adding the bots. I notice that these do not move well on the maps.

How can I make the bots move around the map?

I’ve used botwarefare on traditional maps and the bots move without problems

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and in qconsole.log, it shows me this message

Adjusted frameStart by 1 snaps
Adjusted frameStart by 1 snaps
Adjusted frameStart by 1 snaps

and the problem of bots that get stuck or do not move well within the map. It doesn’t happen in everyone. when all maps are custom.

if you look in the waypoint folder you will see the waypoint files with the map names. These are the only ones that will work as I take it you are using custom maps with no waypoint file.

The waypoint file tells the bots where to walk, climb etc in the map it is made for.
Best just to stick with the custom maps that have a waypoint file in that folder.

This is my custom map server map rotation just to give you an idea… all maps work well with bots:

set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_arkona gametype dm map mp_bakaara_ow gametype dm map mp_fabrika gametype dm map mp_bo2frost gametype dm map mp_4hanoi gametype dm map mp_mw3_hardhat gametype dm map mp_inv gametype dm map mp_karachi gametype dm map mp_bo2meltdown gametype dm map mp_compact gametype dm map mp_skidrow gametype dm map mp_summit gametype dm map mp_mw2_underpass gametype dm map mp_osg_yemen gametype dm map mp_highrise gametype dm map mp_rundown gametype dm map mp_rasalem gametype dm map mp_oukhta gametype dm map mp_mw3resistance gametype dm map mp_waw_castle gametype dm map mp_i2 gametype dm map mp_dahar gametype dm map mp_mw3piazza"
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You can run many custom maps if you install and load the “httpget” plugin. The scripts will automatically download the needed waypoints if it is available.

Plugin: Github - HTTPGet CoD4x Plugin

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si mad_dad. eso fue justamente lo que investigue oh fue la direfencia que detecte. y sospecho que son los waypoint que el servidor me descargo por si solo. y los cargo en la carpeta mods/bots/waypoint y estos archivos tienen una extension “.csv” pero pareciera que no los tomara oh yo no estoy ejecutando algo bien

If I have this in it Botserver.cfg


and at the end of the server.cfg I have the line
exec Botserver.cfg

and I think that’s why I downloaded some “.csv” files

Oh, to tell you the truth, I really liked this topic of being able to play with custom maps, but for now I left the server in its original format with traditional maps.

because first I wanted to be able to talk to you about this topic.

and thus be able to discover where I am making a mistake.

The other thing I noticed, and this did seem very strange to me, is that one of them was shooting at the ground and killing one of the opponents. Whether bots or players.
no matter where it was on the map. Just shooting at the ground killed him and always at the same bot oh player.
For example, I would shoot at the ground and kill a player and the other player on the opposite side would shoot at the ground and kill a bot on my team.

The other thing is that you load the custom maps in the usermaps folder. That folder didn’t exist so I added it.


and another mad_dad doubt. regarding your custom maps.
The waypoints were downloaded from the httpget plugin as recommended by @Sh3llK0de oh I downloaded them from some other site oh did you have to create them?

The waypoints I use came with the Botwarfare mod…

EDIT: I thought they came with it but checking the botwarfare download it only has waypoints for stock maps.

Maybe I did download them but it’s been that long that I have been using botwarfare I can’t remember…can’t remember what I had for tea last night never mind what I did 4 / 5 years ago.

This is the contents of my usermap folder for reference

Taking mp_4hanoi as an example here is the file contents:


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But what does it say if you are a genius dad?
and you know what could be causing this that happens to me. that I shoot at the ground and kill an enemy no matter where he is

does it only happen on mod maps?
has it only just started to happen?

I apologize in advance for so many questions. But I think I woke up very wondering today.
I could have this configuration.
set sv_mapRotation “gametype dm map mp_vacant gametype dm map mp_favela_ow gametype dm map mp_crossfire”

It’s just an example, I mean having traditional maps and custom maps

yes you can mix custom maps and stock maps if you are using your server as a mod server

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It only happened on custom maps, then I changed the configuration to the traditional way and this does not happen.

never heard of this happening before

thanks for the clarification

have you added your mod into the server command line like
+set fs_game mods/geplazamod

Yes, in fact I didn’t want to comment, but I remembered that you taught me that custom maps are only loaded with a MOD. What I did was create a mods/bots folder and in the command line I put
+set fs_game mods/bots and I think that’s why the wayponits are loading in that folder.
The doubt I had is that if I am with the botwarefare mod maybe I should change the command line and leave it as
+set fs_game mods/botwarefare? Maybe that’s why it’s the error I get with the shots.