Bot Warfare Installation

Hello!There is someone willing to make an tutorial step by step how to install BotWarfare for cod4?
Because i can’t make it work ,i put everything where it belongs ,how it says on botwarfare github Installation ,but doesn’t work.for me personally when i press G+4 to open the menu for botwarfare,doesn’t appear that menu or let’s say doesn’t work at all.There is something i should know?
Now i understand there are a lot of posts in here where is says “how to install”,but nothings really helps. i didn’t’ figured yet how to make it work.

Well here is the post IW3 Bot Warfare

What are you struggling with the install? Does your server you are renting from have mod support?

Thank You for your reply!

First of all i have botwarfare for black ops,mw2,mw3 and i don’t encounter any problem with bots everything works perfect(menu ,comands,bots etc…).
Second, i Like to play by myself so i’am doing an private match playing with bots.
I already said that i did what says on botwarfare github for call of duty 4 (that link you put in reply).
So i don’t know what to do next to make this work.
Atleast give me something ,some photos or anything,maybe some folders are not propely install or anything…or maybe i did some mistake and i don’t’ recall

Lets start with pictures of your directory’s where you placed the files. That will give me an idea of where to help you.

Just a thought, if you are using the latest release of Botwarfare then the creator states that it doesn’t work with the current release of Cod4x. There are newer files of Cod4x but it has not been compiled into a release where you can download and install.
I just use the 2.1.0 version and all works well

A reply from INeedBots:

So i took your advice and downloaded version 2.1.0 but still doesn’t work.i will atach a photo where i copied them from that folder named “Add to root of CoD4x server”.

I assume you have got the bot folder in:


Just noticed you said

why not try running it dedicated with a password?

And it’s not right to be in there(main_shared\maps\mp)?

Tell me where you copied those me some photos or atleast Tell me where.

I tried today to make an dedicated server with password but it send me on desktop everytime ,doesn’t really matter If i choose where says dedicated ---- Lan or Internet.

When I said I assume you have it in that folder I was actually pointing to the fact that it is the correct place

And if trying a dedicated server sends you to the desktop then something is wrong with your command line / server config or you are not using the right exe file to run the server

The dedicated server files:

I already had those server files in my call of duty 4 modern warfare folder.But i took them again and i did an copy -paste on existing one.In the end nothing changed the result still the same- i end up on desktop like the last time.
I think i will give up and stick with Pezbots ,they are not that good like botwarfare but still better than nothing.
I have an folder with cod4x waypoints ,got them from github and they are in CSV format.
How i change the CSV format to GSC to be compatible with pezbots?
And how to add them to pezbots waypoints?
There are also any packs for pezbots who includes all the waypoints that exist?