Can someone make a detailed installation tutorial of cod4x botwarfare

I have been trying to get it work for about 2 weeks. Trying to install version 2.0.1 cuz heard that v 2.1.0 doesn’t work anyways please cause im getting a headache on trying to figure this out

What exactly are you having trouble with? This is taken from the read me. Men do not read instructions haha. It is really simple to get going.

TOP TIP. Both my servers de-ranked from GameTracker because I Never put [bot] in front of the bot names. I never knew about that and while I was testing servers obviously ranked up. Yes in this day and age people are still worried about that :rofl: and of course reported my servers. Get a life.

Anyway give me a shout if you need some help.


Using CoD4x’s extended functionality requires to use their Dedicated server, as explained here.

You can easily setup a local LAN dedicated server for you to join and play on. Have a look at Setting up a CoD4x server.

  1. Make sure that CoD4x server + client is installed, updated and working properly.
  2. Locate your CoD4x server install folder.
  3. Move the files/folders found in ‘Add to root of CoD4x server’ from the Bot Warfare release archive you downloaded to the root of your CoD4x server folder.
    • The folder/file structure should follow as .CoD4x server folder\main_shared\maps\mp\bots\_bot.gsc.
  4. The mod is now installed, now start your server, change the DVARs and start a map.
  5. Now start your CoD4x client and connect to your server (‘connect’ in the console most likely) and play!


Menu Usage

  • You can open the menu by pressing the primary grenade and secondary grenade buttons together.

  • You can navigate the options by the pressing the ADS and fire keys, and you can select options by pressing your melee key.

  • Pressing the menu button again closes menus.


Dvar Description Default Value
bots_main Enable this mod. true
bots_main_firstIsHost The first player to connect will be given host. true
bots_main_GUIDs A comma separated list of GUIDs of players who will be given host. “”
bots_main_waitForHostTime How many seconds to wait for the host player to connect before adding bots to the match. 10
bots_main_menu Enable the in-game menu for hosts. true
bots_main_debug Enable the in-game waypoint editor. false
bots_main_kickBotsAtEnd Kick the bots at the end of a match. false
bots_main_chat The rate bots will chat at, set to 0 to disable. 1.0
bots_manage_add Amount of bots to add to the game, once bots are added, resets back to 0. 0
bots_manage_fill Amount of players/bots (look at bots_manage_fill_mode) to maintain in the match. 0
bots_manage_fill_mode bots_manage_fill players/bots counting method.
  • 0 - counts both players and bots.
  • 1 - only counts bots.
bots_manage_fill_kick If the amount of players/bots in the match exceeds bots_manage_fill, kick bots until no longer exceeds. false
bots_manage_fill_spec If when counting players for bots_manage_fill should include spectators. true
bots_team One of autoassign, allies, axis, spectator, or custom. What team the bots should be on. autoassign
bots_team_amount When bots_team is set to custom. The amount of bots to be placed on the axis team. The remainder will be placed on the allies team. 0
bots_team_force If the server should force bots’ teams according to the bots_team value. When bots_team is autoassign, unbalanced teams will be balanced. This dvar is ignored when bots_team is custom. false
bots_team_mode When bots_team_force is true and bots_team is autoassign, players/bots counting method.
  • 0 - counts both players and bots.
  • 1 - only counts bots
bots_skill Bots’ difficulty.
  • 0 - Random difficulty for each bot.
  • 1 - Easiest difficulty for all bots.
  • 2 to 6 - Between easy and hard difficulty for all bots.
  • 7 - The hardest difficulty for all bots.
  • 8 - custom (look at the bots_skill_<team>_<difficulty> dvars
bots_skill_axis_hard When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of hard difficulty bots to set on the axis team. 0
bots_skill_axis_med When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of medium difficulty bots to set on the axis team. The remaining bots on the team will be set to easy difficulty. 0
bots_skill_allies_hard When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of hard difficulty bots to set on the allies team. 0
bots_skill_allies_med When bots_skill is set to 8, the amount of medium difficulty bots to set on the allies team. The remaining bots on the team will be set to easy difficulty. 0
bots_skill_min The minimum difficulty level for the bots. 1
bots_skill_max The maximum difficulty level for the bots. 7
bots_loadout_reasonable If the bots should filter bad performing create-a-class selections. false
bots_loadout_allow_op If the bots should be able to use overpowered and annoying create-a-class selections. true
bots_loadout_rank What rank to set the bots.
  • -1 - Average of all players in the match.
  • 0 - All random.
  • 1 or higher - Sets the bots’ rank to this.
bots_play_move If the bots can move. true
bots_play_knife If the bots can knife. true
bots_play_fire If the bots can fire. true
bots_play_nade If the bots can grenade. true
bots_play_obj If the bots can play the objective. true
bots_play_camp If the bots can camp. true
bots_play_jumpdrop If the bots can jump/drop shot. true
bots_play_target_other If the bots can target other entities other than players. true
bots_play_killstreak If the bots can call in killstreaks. true
bots_play_ads If the bots can aim down sights. true
bots_play_aim If the bots can aim.
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This is the exact same thing on github idk if im stupid or it just kinda lacked instructions i followed this the last time and then i get steam error about an invalid token when i start a server don’t really know anything about that or i screwed up the installation process pls do reply back

Maybe this will help regarding the token?

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Ok ima gonna try this again tomorrow morning gonna sleep first i’ll reply to you later. btw thanks for replying

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This is the steam token problem i have

Ok i already fixed it. The problem was i wasn’t connected to any wifi if you want to play without wifi edit z_localserver.bat you see something about a dedicated server or something like that set it to to 0 for a listen server play local 1 for internet 2.

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Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: