CoD4x linux help

how can i play cod4x on linux mint?


Mb - COD4x mod installation on Linux (Debian) - YouTube

Or, just buy it on Steam, and use proton, literally no hassle, just on windows.
Only downside, your screenshots has been taken by the server will be black, so you expect you gonna get banned from a majority of servers.

Much lower fps too. On Windows I get 200-400 fps, on any linux distro 30-120fps. And frame rate is not stable.

For me I did not have any FPS issues under linux. Worked just fine.

What gpu do you have?

RTX3070 now. But previously I had a GTX1080, with that also worked fine.

I made a bash script that installs cod4x for the steam version

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Share it if you don’t mind.

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How exactly do I use this script, I tried running it (I did put it in the manual install folder but this is the result
Screenshot from 2022-08-27 12-30-04

did you copy the script exactly as shown? Can you verify that the directory “compatdata/7940/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local” exists? it should be in your steamapps folder. Try running ps -p $$ in the terminal and send the output

I’ll try it later, I figured out where the files needed to go and just installed it manually, but I’ll try with Linux Mint machine. I think it could just be that I installed COD4 on another drive.